100 E Church ST, Tuscola IL 61953 8:00 & 10:30 am

Student Ministry (JR/SR High Students)

Things to Know:

  • Cultiv8youth: Student Ministry is a safe place for 7th-12th grade students to get to know who they are and whose they are.  It is a place that all are welcome and grace is shared.  Preparing the minds and hearts of students for growing in Christ is the mission of Cultivate Youth Ministries.
  • Teen Team:  This year I am looking forward to forming a Teen Team; they will need to be upper classman that are active in our ministry, active in our church, and a positive roll model for their peers.  They will be asked to aid in the planning and promoting of youth activities. I would like for them to commit to the team for one year with the chance of a second year but know more.  The Teen Team will meet bi-monthly unless deemed necessary due to advanced planning.  The team my be comprised of 3-5 individuals.  First Team Meeting will be
  • ciy Believe is for Jr. High Students and is a weekend trip to Bloomington where we typically sleep at a church the cost will be around $70 and is March 6th-7th, 2020
  • ciy Move is for ingoing 9th graders to graduated seniors. This year we have several date/location options. We stay on campus with all expenses covered including room and food.  This is a more expensive trip approx. $380 so we will do some fundraising to help with the cost for all who want to go.
  • We are on a rotating summer schedule for the big ticket events, EX:
    • 2019 National Mission Trip
    • 2020 CIY Move
    • 2021 International Mission Trip
    • 2022 CIY Move