100 E Church ST, Tuscola IL 61953 8:00 & 10:30 am

What we offer for kids

Sunday Morning

Elementary Sunday School: (9:15/Grades 5-8)
Primary Purpose: Education
The classes offered for these students will help children to learn both Bible skills and basic Bible stories. Adult teachers guide kids in the study of a Bible story as well as helping them explore possible ways the story applies to their life.

Birth-4 year olds Children’s Church: (10:30)
Primary Purpose: Education & Worship
This program seeks to teach our very young children that God loves them. Children sing songs, watch a creative Bible Story presentation, and participate in simple activities centered around the day’s Bible point.


God’s Girls (3:30 p.m./Grades 5 – 6) Runs Sept-May,  register online, click here

Primary Purpose: Education and Fun

This is a fun and social time for girls to connect and learn about what God wants for their lives. Various topics are covered. Some topics include nutrition, attitude, exercise, modesty, respect, bullying, Hygiene, and more.

Contact Stephanie Kauffman or Lori Reed (259-2433)