100 E Church ST, Tuscola IL 61953 8:00 & 10:30 am


Welcome to Connect Kids! We value children’s ministry because Jesus did (Mark 10:13-
16), and we understand the crucial responsibility to nurture children in the Christian faith.Children are important to Jesus, and children are important to us.

Connect Kids Ministries exists to strengthen the family by functioning to connect
children to Jesus, to His people, and to the Bible. CKM understands that we are not
meant to be a roadblock in the way of connection. Rather, we are to be connectors, a
people who point children to the One who has already died for them; a people who, out of
love for Christ, join in His mission to make disciples of Christ.

We at CKM are also committed to serving the family by educating parents in how to rear
moral and obedient children who are respectful to authority and who come to salvation
in Jesus. We recognize the primary role parents have in leading their children to know
Jesus and to live according to the precepts of Christ.

Our mission at Connect Kids Ministries is to strengthen the family by
connecting parents to Biblical principles for raising their children, by
teaching children about Jesus, by connecting children to a community
of Christ followers, and by motivating children to know the Bible.


Purpose: To connect kids to Jesus and to help them live for Him.

Values: The FCC Children’s Ministry…

…is Christ centered (John 14.6)

…is safe (Mark 10.14)

…will teach the Bible creatively

…is child targeted (1 Corinthians 1.9)

…prays (Matthew 19:13)

…has volunteers who want to teach (Deuteronomy 32.46-47, Matthew 28.19-20)